International Wedding in Dubai

International Wedding in Dubai

Over the past couple of years, our planners have noticed a significant increase in couples planning to have their dream International Wedding in Dubai. If you too have this dream stuck in mind why don’t you contact us, Jovial events-The Best International Wedding Planner in Dubai, UAE? As a Dubai based wedding planning agency, jovial events do put together a mini-guide as a helpful starting point for organizing a destination wedding in the United Arab Emirates.

For just about 10 years the United Arab Emirates has been keeping the title of the most developed, eager, great area; so it is anything but unexpected that it’s quickly developing in notoriety as a center point for goal weddings. Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is comprised of seven Sheikdoms (Emirates), with Dubai being the leader and driving the path in facilitating the expanded number of destination weddings that occur. Close to the quantity of world-known attractions, five-star shopping, and lavish hotels. Dubai located between Europe, Africa, and Asia, making it effortlessly open from around the globe and offers an ideal climate from October to May. In the event that you’ve begun to look all starry eyed at Dubai and have chosen to get hitched under the beguiling Arabian sky, your choices for having a wedding in global wedding in UAE from Jovial events are laid out just underneath.

Do keep in mind when you wish to have a wedding in Dubai

  • Unique, extravagance wedding goal
  • The best season to wed is October to May
  • Ninety-Nine percent of weddings happen in an inn/resort because of strict liquor authorizing laws
  • A wedding favoring or a representative service is a prominent decision for non-UAE occupants
  • Excellent benefit norms
  • Melting pot of numerous societies and nationalities

At that point, Dubai is the right place for you. Emirates have every day flights from most countries around the globe. There are various other airliners that you can decide on your travel. Most European natives, and in addition the US, Canadian and Australian don’t require a UAE visa.


The UAE offers a few choices for getting hitched yet relying upon your nationality and residency status, getting hitched in Dubai can extend from clear to tedious and muddled. Certain conditions must be met and there is a strict system and course of events in which printed material must be submitted.

  • At minimum one of the parties must have UAE residency certificate to legitimately wed in the Emirates.
  • There is a set method rules for Islamic relational unions which varies from non-Islamic relational unions. This set method rules for non-Islamic marriages fluctuate relying upon nationality.
  • Residents can get wed at the Dubai Court or Abu Dhabi Judiciary.
  • Non-Muslims may not wed in the Dubai Court
  • Marriage of non-Muslim residents may just occur in their embassy (whenever permitted). Certain nations enable their citizens to wed at their government offices, and even acknowledge one even if they are from an alternate nationality.


From individual experience of getting legally wedded in Dubai I need to state that the methodology can be very troublesome. In any case, you can even now plan and make the most of your wedding in Dubai or some other Emirate, by having a  wedding event planner who is able to direct a wedding so celebrant and held in a venue or destination of your choice. A perfect international wedding planner in Dubai like Jovial events is always the best option.


The couples of all religions are accessible in Dubai and UAE. If it’s not too much trouble remember that you will be required to create printed material preceding the marriage occurring. In the event that the marriage declaration is issued in English, this must at that point be converted into Arabic by a court endorsed interpreter and submitted to the Notary Public Office for accreditation, all together for the marriage to have lawful legitimacy. This may require a UAE Residence Visa to have the capacity to do this.


While getting married in Dubai, or to be sure any of the Emirates you have to remember the strict liquor authorizing laws. These laws are only one reason why ninety nine percent of couples praise their wedding with an inn dance floor evening gathering. With a plenitude of extravagance five star inns, all offering brilliant administrations and phenomenal landscapes, it is hard to propose one particular scene. In any case, while picking your venue jovial event official’s suggestion will of course guide to your dream location including the list given below:

  • One of the many beach resorts
  • Skyscrapers, where you can have a full perspective of singing wellspring
  • A dessert resort which could turn in to a one of a kind and colorful wedding.
  • Other wedding venue options include the golf or polo club, or even on islands in Abu Dhabi noted as one of the most incredible private islands.
  • Although less common, it is also possible to organize a wedding in a private villa or a yacht.

Thus we hope you have found the above information to be a useful kick start for planning your wedding in Dubai and the UAE. So if your interests are matching our interests please be kind enough to gives us, Jovial events the best wedding planner in UAE, the chance to perfect your wedding.

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